Saturday, October 11, 2014

Connecting Health Care Providers with Patients/Families

For most part, patients feel comfortable with their health care provider. They often keep all the medical appointments, call in for refills, and sometimes will keep an specialist appointment.  However, the gap of communication continues to exist, and patients may not identify their health care provider as the person to go to for all their medical needs. Here is where we talk about care coordinator, they are key individuals to serve as the "go to" person,  a liaison, an advocate, in some cases cultural brokers and mediators. Care coordinators serve the role as medical/mental health services connectors, they link patients with the appropriate health care providers. They also serve the role as community navigators, identifying and connecting patients with resources and services. 

Care coordinators are a vital component of the medical home, they are the glue to an continum expanding model and are the fibers that link all medical, mental health, social services, natural support systems, structural systems, community resources, and the health care system. 

Below is a links for the Health Care Research and Science that has a complete definition and resources for care coordination services.
Care coordination

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Helen Dao, MHA
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